How do you respoke a 21″ harley motorcycle wheel?

by Motorcycle Hunter

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5 Responses to “How do you respoke a 21″ harley motorcycle wheel?”

  1. loonatic72

    I’ve tried one I just looked at the back wheel, it didnt turn out back. But I did decided there that I would leave it up to the professionals.

  2. friedach

    same as you lace up a 16″ one, sort the spokes according to their hook shape, and lace in patterns of 4 as inners and outers so that the hook sits naturally best fit on the hub. Spokes are laced at a tangent to the hub and square to the rim. The rim should be drilled with the spoke heads on an offset to left and right, comply with same. Asspokes fitted loosely, srew on nipples a short distance to stop them falling out. when all spokes fitted, you can begin to tighten everything up evenly. A suitable yoke with an indicating pin is needed for final trueing. A learned art, needs much practise to get right-expect several hours work 1st time. Honda’s Experts took 1/2 hr/wheel-hence mags to reduce labour costs. they’re not any better, they’re just cost effective.

  3. ms_beehayven

    Take it to the shop. Some things are best done by professionals.

  4. Walter F

    cross 4 pattern then Tighten spoke nipples to 40-50 in-lbs

  5. puffdaddy_1969

    get access to a factory manual it has a section on lacing wheels.

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